How to eat your cake and look good naked.

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A brave new world

Imagine a world where you could eat what you want and not feel shameful. Where our self esteem wasn’t directly related to how we look. However, in a world where we are bombarded by pictures on Instagram of influencers with rippling muscles and 8% bodyfat it’s almost impossible to not think negatively about our own self image. Hilariously they only look like that for 1 or 2 days of the year. The rest of the time they look a bit more human but there lies the fallacy.

The science of weight loss

Mechanistically, weight loss is achieved through energy defecit. Less calories in than out. Its that simple. No ifs, no buts. However, in the absence of resistance training and abundant protein the losses in weight come from both muscle and fat. In fact, if you add cardiovascular exercise which initiates the AMPK gene pathways you will lose even more muscle as the body becomes more adapted for endurance.

This is where it gets interesting, Muscle is metabolically active. For every kg of muscle the energy needs to maintain it are vastly greater than that of maintaining 1 kg of fat. A 3 to 1 ratio. So the goal for everyone should be to maximise lean tissue (muscle) and recomposition the body.

This is achieved through resistance training and a preference for higher protein intake. This can be done at maintenance calories. Without a defecit. So you lift weights 2-4 times a week and walk for fitness. Over time you accrue muscle and if you don’t increase your energy intake you will lose fat. Over time as you become a larger, more metabolically active organism your ability to lose fat will increase and so will your basic, daily energy needs.


Life weights, don’t restrict your calories. Get outside for atleast 30 minutes a day and walk. Do this consistently for a few years and you too will be able to eat your cake and look good naked. If you want to look even better naked don’t eat any cakes or sweets for 2-4 weeks and you might even see your abs. But abs are no fun. Neither are the people that have them!


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