The Everyday Athlete (Free Trial)

£50.00 every 4 weeks with a 14-day free trial

The Everyday Athlete is a subscription-based hybrid program with 3 sessions per week designed with the fitness enthusiast, active competitor, or keen hobbyist in mind. It is tailored for individuals who aim to maintain peak physical condition year-round while also building muscle, strength, and athleticism.


Frustrated with workouts that don't yield the results you want, or worse, leave you prone to injuries? Empower your fitness journey with my Hybrid Performance System. This program is meticulously crafted to help you build bigger and stronger muscles, elevate your athleticism, and significantly reduce your risk of injury.

Why settle for less when you can have it all? With the Hybrid Performance System. Don't let another day pass by without taking action. Your optimal performance is within reach. Subscribe now to take the first step towards a fitter, stronger, and more athletic you.


  • A plan designed to offer a comprehensive approach, 3 sessions per week updated and changed every four weeks.
  • Members have access to a closed Facebook Group for community support and a centralized location for all blog posts, reels, links, and the weekly Q&A.
  • Exclusive calorie calculator and body composition tools are available for members on my website.
  • Weekly blog posts and curated Q&A sessions are also included.


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