Home Visit Personal Training Subscription

£450.00 every 4 weeks

Personal Training Subscription

In-person Coaching at the comfort of your home. Bespoke & designed to meet your specific fitness and training needs.

Benefits of subscription:

  • Significant discount of £12.50 per session. On 3 sessions per week over a 52 week calendar year this equates to a saving of 1800 a year or 48 free sessions or 7 free weeks.
  • This gives myself, the coach 3 weeks of holiday and you the client 4 weeks of holiday, but if you choose to not take holiday, its free training as you’re paying for your time slot, not the session.
  • All member site benefits and closed Facebook group access.

  1. All exercises are identified and programmed based on the information given by you in your Onboarding Questionnaire. I cannot be held responsible for injuries sustained whilst performing exercises - all training is at the individual's risk. If in doubt please consult a qualified professional before starting any exercise programme.
  2. I reserve the right to terminate paid subscriptions - in this event the balance of subscriptions will be refunded on to the client's payment method. All payments are otherwise non-refundable. 
  3. Sessions cannot be rearranged or refunded. In the event of a cancellation it is very difficult to find a replacement client, therefore your subscription is for the allocated time/slot and not attendance of the session.
  4. If subscription is cancelled then per session prices will be applicable, after 3 months of per session invoicing subscription pricing can be reactivated.


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