Strength training?

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Strength training is the process of using resistance to increase muscle size and strength. Typically this resistance comes in the form of free weights, machines and bodyweight. Each just as effective as the other when used correctly

The benefits of strength training on a physiological level are numerous. Not only do we get an increase in strength which makes everyday tasks easier, we also improve our body composition in a positive manner. Increases in fat-free mass from resistance training contribute to an increased metabolism which means we burn more calories doing every day tasks and at rest.

The implications of an increased metabolism mean we’re less likely to be fat or gain fat. Our insulin sensitivity will improve reducing risk of type 2 diabetes and overall a healthier individually metabolically.

Ok so you’ve bought into the idea of strength training but where do you start? For absolute beginners simply doing a sit to stand exercise for 3-4 sets of 5-10 reps is sufficient. Pair that with an upper body exercise like a row or a Press and you’ve got a very good starting point. At this level even a single leg stand for time is effective Strength training with the goal of improving on a weekly basis in sets, reps or relative load.

As you improve in strength levels you can add more exercises, more frequency and volume to your week. You can use a variety of free weights, isometrics and bodyweight exercises to vary the stimulus. With long term strength training not only do you gain muscle mass but you will accrue bone tissue which is especially important with aging.

Simple put you should be lifting weights or performing some whole body resistance training 1-3 times a week minimum at any age. The benefits are substantial and you’ll look good naked so what are you waiting for?


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