Why most clinicians keep you in a loop of “asymmetry”, “inactive glutes” and “movement screens”.

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The last 10-15 years has seen huge waves in the fitness industry and wider athletic world with “Functional training” and “Movement Screening”

Phases like, “Ah your glutes aren’t firing” or “You’ve got flat feet” are often branded by clinicians who quite frankly haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about. They label things asymmetric. They tell you that one leg is longer and that you’ve got a hip shift. Or it’s to make more money from you.

They will tell you that you need insoles, to do x amount of Mobility Drills and get you doing a shit tonnes of clamshells for those glutes that “aren’t firing”. Trust me when I say that if your glutes didn’t activate you would be a heap on the floor. There’s a differences between Activation and kinesthetic awareness.

And heres the thing. Humans by nature are asymmetrical. Watch any athlete play sport and you’ll see great degrees flexion, rotation and movements you will have been warned against or told are bad. Yes there will be variances across the body but that’s not a problem. Too much variances can cause issues, we all sit more and do less than our ancestors but a little corrective exercise alongside a progressive Strength program should resolve most pain or movement deficiencies.

Chronic underloading by physios and other clinicians needs to stop. We should focus on learning to Squat, Hinge, Push and Pull. We should then apply progressive overload to these movements. We should Brace and rotate. We should run, jump and throw. Proximal stability when we lift. Speed and stability when we play.

You’ll never look like the textbook example of a squat or Hinge. Perfectly aligned and perfectly mobile. Just be good enough and apply loading through those movements. Play sports and have fun. Become a well rounded human physically strong, fit, mobile and athletic. The last one I put in for a joke..


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